Our Programmes


Students who have sat and passed our examinations are expected to report on the campus for registration on the date specified on the Admission Letter, with the followings:-
1. A Medical Certificate duly completed by a recognized Medical Doctor, or a recognized Hospital
2. Birth Certificate or declaration of Age (Photocopy) whichever is applicable.
3. The College Admission letter
4. All recommended school items

(a) Two white Bed Sheets
(b) One Pillow and Pillow case
(c) One bucket
(d) One towel
(e) One blanket
(f) One Broom (good size) (g)One Hoe (Small) (h) Cutlass Lagalaga
(i)Sleeveless sweater (white) J/K is slightly (cold)
(k) one six spring mattress

EATING UTENSILS: You are to pay for eating utensils on resumption while you come along with one normal cup, spoon and fork.
UNIFORMS:- 1. Two pairs of white short sleeve shirt (for junior) and long sleeve for senior student
2. Two pairs of sky blue trousers and sky blue waist coat
3. Brown sandals, canvas and black shoe with white socks for classes and church services.
1. Two pairs of navy blue trousers and two pairs of short sleeve blue check (for boys)
2. Two pairs of blue check and blue skirts (for girls)

Boys:- Short & T-Shirt, (according to House colour)
Girls:- Same as for boys.
Foot wear:- Flat Canvas for Boys and Girls, (No other wears will be allowed on the playground)
1. Two pairs of white short sleeve blouses
2. Two pairs of sky blue skirts (straight gathers pattern) and a sky blue waist coat. Brown sandals, white canvas and black shoes, white socks for classes and church services.
4. Blue beret (for classes)
5. Black Head tie for Church service.
1. Two pairs of blue check gowns.
2. A blue check head tie.
All staff houses are out of bound as from 6:00pm.
No girl is allowed on any account in the unmarried teacher's house.

  1. Girls are not allowed in the Boys' hostels and boys are not allowed in the Girls' hostels. Violation of this leads to expulsion.
  2. Boys are not to be seen with girls in the night. Girls must ensure they are in their hostels immediately after night prep. Any defaulting students on this note will receive 6 strokes of the Cane.
  3. No visitor is allowed into the hostels (boys/girls) and any student found allowing any visitor in the hostel would be punished.

Parents/ Teachers Association (P.T.A): The effective training of the child is believed to be the responsibility of both parents and the teachers. It is for this reason that the school has a very strong Parent Teachers Association. This Body has been very supportive to the school both morally and financially. The PTA meets once in the second month of every term.