One of the unique involvements of the college is the centre for the blind and the crippled. The college since 1982 has been admitting blind and cripple students to learn along the normal and regular students at no cost. It is free tuition, feeding, accommodation and learning. The college gives special students opportunity to have qualitative education irrespective of their background, religion, culture, state of origin, etc to undergo secondary education.

Since the inception, the college has graduated more than five hundred special/cripple and blind students. A number of them are working in various states of the country while some of them are in various higher institutions in Nigeria.

The 2009/2010 school academic year had thirty-two (32) blind and cripple students in the school. They are involving in every aspect of school activities despite their challenges.

The cost of educating special students in Nigeria is very high. It takes the college more than twelve thousand ($12,000.00)US dollars to support all their needs in one academic session. This high cost has limited the number of special students enroll in each year despite the large number seeking admission each. For us to admit more of them, it means private, governmental institutions and churches/Christian ministries have to come and assist the college.

You can make your donation and enquire how you can support these special students in our college.