About Us

The school came into existence on the 15th February, 1982, with a total number of ninety (90) students, all in the Junior Secondary classes. The college began operation under the able leadership of an English man Mr. DEREK JOY- the pioneer Principal. (The school was the brainchild of The United Gospel Faith Tabernacle Church of Nigeria). It should be noted that the birth of the college was not automatic. The school started in a transit camp. It occupied a flat near the PO Boy Ice Cream Factory in Jos, Nigeria which became its campus; from where it moved to Jarawan Kogi the permanent site of the college in Jos East Local Government. And by the Grace of God, the school has been growing both in the academic and the Spiritual life

The proprietor of the college, The United Gospel Faith Tabernacle Church was propelled by the desire to provide learning for the School Children in need of Secondary Education, but who were getting it at through secular, (Godless) education, leading all too often to a proud generation of school leavers, whose love does not go beyond themselves, their own selfish ambition and their own well-being. In going about this, there is no discrimination, as every child from whatever background is seen as precious in God's sight. No handicap is seen as an impediment to learning. And so, every child is given equal opportunity. The handicapped children especially the lame and visually handicapped are trained free.

The Aims and Objectives of the school are reflected in the school motto: "Christ in Character, Culture and Craftsmanship". For us here, the education of the child is seen in its holistic perspective. We develop the spirit, the soul (mind), and the body. However, more emphasis is laid on character development. Students are taught the ways of a disciplined life and to work together as a community where each member seeks not his own but the good of others.