The College has good hostels facilities for the students apart from the popular round huts, the school also has two separate dormitories, one for the male and the other for the female students. The girls’ hostel has a matron that takes care of and monitors the female students. The boys’ hostel also have a patron who takes care and monitors the male students.

1. Tidiness/cleanliness: Hostels and surroundings and the whole college campus is to be kept tidy at all times. No rubbish is to be thrown anyhow. The rubbish bins provided should be used.

2. Valuables: students' valuables must always be kept locked in a box or locker. Money may be safely kept in the Bursary and be withdrawn once a week. The Bursary department will determine the amount to be withdrawn by any student to curb wastage.

3. Cooking: cooking is not allowed in the hostels.- Any student, caught cooking will receive 12 strokes of the cane. The cooking utensils will be confiscated and will not be given back to the owner at all.

4. Visitors: No visitor is allowed in the hostels except with permission by the Boarding House Master.

Library Facilities

There is a school library in the college. This is taken care of by the School librarian and the Library prefects. This is a place the students could go to and read at their library times and free periods. This is also a suitable place for the students to do their assignments. It is adequately stocked with current learning materials. Both staff and students use the library daily.

At United Faith Tabernacle College, we understand the need for practical learning, particularly in our enviroment and that is why we have well equipped our Laboratories, for Introductory Technology, Business Studies, Computer Studies, Chemistry, Physics, Fine Art and Biology learning. This Helps prepare our students for their various careers and keep them ahead of their peers in other colleges.

The School Laboratories:
The school has well stocked and well maintained laboratories for science subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Agriculture science this is to enhance the student performance in these areas. An home Economics Laboratory is also in the making.

Health Services
The school has a clinic situated in the school compound. This is manned by qualified nurses who handle minor health cases. Serious health cases are referred to Hospitals at the expense of the parents. However, if parents want their children to be sent home when ill, the school do not object, but there should be a written document to the school authority to that effect.

Health and Hygiene
1. Any body who falls sick must first report to the school Nurse for treatment.
2. If a students is critically ill or an emergency case arises such cases must be reported to the Boarding House Master for immediate action with the college authority.
3. Serious cases will be taken to the hospital and parents reimburse the school for such treatments. The school nurse is on call always.


The Nursery and Primary Schools

As part of the vision of the United Faith Tabernacle College, is establishment of nursery/primary schools in the Jos East Local Government Area, where the college is situated. The local government is backward in the provision of standard primary education. As part of the college contribution to quality education in the local government, nursery/primary schools are established in some communities of the local government. The college has three (3) nursery/primary schools

They are:

  1. United Faith Tabernacle College Staff Demonstration Nursery/Primary School, Jarawan-Kogi. (The College compound)
  2. United Faith Tabernacle College Nursery/Primary School, Shere
  3. United Faith Tabernacle College Nursery/Primary School, Gada
The nursery/primary schools are staffed with qualified teachers. The future idea is that such pupils can gain admission into the college for secondary education. This will give them a solid background to cope with the standard of the college. The nursery/primary schools are affordable to average inhabitants of the local government areas. The college subsides their school fees, in other to give the community opportunity to send their children to good secondary schools.