One of the outstanding colleges/secondary schools in Nigeria is United Faith Tabernacle College, Jarawan-Kogi. The college is established to provide qualitative and quantitative education to all students at affordable fee when compare the college with other Christian schools in Nigeria. By the grace of God, the college is blessed with qualified teaching and non-teaching staff. In terms of learning, the conducive environment is an added advantage. At 2009, the college has graduated 27 sets of graduating classes. Many of which are doing very well in their line of specialization.

The raising of a Christian child is a task that we are committed to in this school. We are committed to our Christian activities which have molded us to what we are today. You will also discover that the college has a ministry to the blind and the cripple. They learned along side with the sighted and physically unchallenged students. The college has trained more than five-hundred disabled students since its inception for free in a boarding school system.

Note that the college is established by the United Gospel Faith Tabernacle Church of Nigeria, hence our work is basically a sacrifice. There are quite a lot of contributions the college has made to educational development in Nigeria. You are indeed welcome

Principal Uftc